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12th Annual 5K Run/Walk for Peter's Place!
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Ultramarathon Documentary for Peter's Place Foundation NFP

Peter's Place Foundation NFP
2019 Ultramarathon Documentary Watch Party on Facebook
Friday, April 17th at 6pm
Join Peter's Place Foundation, NFP on Facebook for the release of the 2019 Ultramarathon Documentary. Learn about the organization and watch two board members attempt to complete a 100 mile race to raise awareness of substance abuse disorder. Call 618-558-0757 with questions.

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Ultra Marathon Fundraiser for Peter's Place

From 1999-2016, the number of Opiod-related over deaths rose from 483-1,947 (Illinois alone). From 2012-2016, the number of Heroin related deaths rose from 269-1,040. During that same time frame, the number of Synthetic Opioid related deaths rose from 84-907.

If these stats alarm you, please consider donating to Peter's Place Foundation. Peter's Place is a Non-Denominational Christ-Centered ministry aimed at providing free long-term residential support for young men (ages 18-28) who struggle with substance abuse and/or mental illness.

Right now, in Southern Illinois, there are very few resources available to help those in need.  Board members Eugene Dunkley and Jeff Morris, on 11/9/19, ran the 2019 Tunnel Hill 50/100 Mile Ultra Marathon in Vienna, Illinois.  They would love your prayers, encouragement and financial support as they continue to seek to raise money and awareness for Peter's Place Foundation. View More Information and Make a Donation to the Ultra Marathon

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Peter's Place is a Christ-centered, non- denominational Ministry aimed at providing free long-term residential support for young men ages 18 to 28 who struggle with substance abuse and/or mental illness.

Heidi Koehl was featured on Fox2 News on October 2, 2012
"A grieving sister is putting one foot in front of another to give others hope and a brighter future as they fight drug addiction. News 11's Patrick Clark shows  how she is remembering her brother who lost his life to a drug addiction..."


Offering refuge, hope and transformation through the power and grace of Jesus Christ.

The Ministry Will Include:
  • Self Referral
  • Christ Centered Recovery
  • Peer-to-Peer Group
  • Family/Friends Education & Support
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Service
  • Transitional & Follow-up Care

Peter's Place will provide professional counseling & services, while maintaining Christ at its heart.

Men in captivity transformed into men of integrity by God's abundant love and healing.